Double Liebster Award!

The fabletters is excited to announce that we have been nominated for not just one, but TWO Liebster Awards! Thank you so much, Karen and Carol! We are making this an open nomination, so if you are reading this then congratulations; you’ve just been nominated for the Liebster Award!

The rules are simple: thank the person who nominated you, answer their questions, make some questions of your own, and nominate more people to answer your questions. Our questions are at the bottom, so if you’d like to accept our open nomination head on there to find them!

Without further ado, here are Sherina (S) and Ceanray (C)’s answers:

Questions from Carol:

What is your favorite word, and why?

S: My favourite word is meraki, which means “to do something with your soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your word”. To me this word is the essence of why I love expressing myself through writing!

C: My favourite word is papillon, which means “butterfly” in French. French is my second language and I remember finding the word papillon absolutely intriguing when it was the word of the day in kindergarten.

Favorite music, and why?

S: Taylor Swift! Throughout the years she has made music for all emotions; happy, sad, hopeful, hopeless. Whatever my mood, I can always match it to a T-Swift song.

C: It depends on what I feel like listening to. I would have to say that Adele and Ed Sheeran wind up on my playlists more often than not. I love any song with a meaningful story behind it.

What is the one thing you could not live without?

S: My family and friends.

C: My family and friends as Sherina said, but I also couldn’t live without books.

Why did you name your blog like that?

S: We decided to name this blog the fabletters because the premise is that we write letters… and we like to think they’re fab! 😉

C: I’d like to add that this was not our first idea for a blog name! We also considered the ‘honest letters’ – however the name was taken and we decided it was a bit presumptuous.

What do you think is your secret superpower?

S: Expressing myself with words.

C: A menacing look that earned me the nickname “Condescendray” in elementary school.

Morning person: yes or no?

S: nope!

C: It depends. I love mornings on days I don’t have to wake up early for school!

Favorite memory of childhood

S: All of it? I had an amazing childhood. Memories that stick out right now are family boat trips and staying at the cottage.

C: That’s a tough question. I’d have to say spending my summers at the lake and getting gold honours at my first dance competition.

What is one thing you really hate to do?

S: I honestly can’t think of anything! I guess I hate brushing knots out of my hair?

C: Vacuuming. If someday I become gloriously rich I shall hire a personal vaccumer. I enjoy cleaning, so their sole job would be to operate that ghastly beast.

Tea or coffee?

S: Neither! I don’t like hot drinks, except occasionally hot chocolate.

C: Tea all the way!

Best advice you have ever receive?

S: “Enjoy what you can, endure what you must” (Thanks, Grandma!)

C: “Everything happens for a reason, if even you don’t understand why at the time.”

Questions from Karen:

What inspires you to be the best you that you can be?

S: Knowing that it is the only way to achieve my dreams.

C: Knowing that I don’t want to regret not pushing myself when I’m older and look back on this period in my life.

Choose one life changing moment. What would it be and why?

S: Switching high schools two years ago was life changing for me, because I left my comfort zone and ended up getting involved in a lot of things that brought me happiness.

C: Quitting dance. It was hard, but at the end of the day I realized that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Do you prefer paperback, hardcover, tablets, or e-readers? Tell me why! 😀

S: I’m not super picky so long as it’s a good book, but if I had the choice I think I’d pick paperback. Sometimes hardcover books are difficult to hold; I always end up playing Candy Crush when I read on my tablet; and I find reading on e-readers isn’t the same experience as reading an actual book.

C: I would have to go with hardcover, only because I’m not very good at taking care of my books and hardcovers are a little more durable than paperback. For the comfort factor, I’d have to go with paperback because they’re easier to hold in one hand.

If you could go back in time, what is one moment you would tell the “younger” you to avoid?

S: There’s nothing I would want to avoid in my life; without my mistakes I wouldn’t be who I am today! One thing, though, that I may tell my younger self to avoid is being scared to get off the chairlift while skiing… because once I didn’t get off it and went right around.

C: I would tell my younger self to stop caring so much about what other people think. It saddens me to think of what I missed out on because I didn’t want to make myself look bad.

What is your all time favorite song?

S: We Are Unbreakable by Hedley

C: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!

You only get one meal to eat on a Friday. Would you eat healthy or go all in?

S: If it was just for one Friday, I’d go all in; if it was for every Friday I’d make it healthy.

C: I’d have to say healthy, I’m not known for my self control when it comes to junk food.

Who do you look up to and how did they make an impact?

S: I look up to my younger sister because she inspires me to be myself!

C: I look up to my parents because they’ve worked so hard to provide me with everything I need and support my ambitions.

What has blogging done for you?

S: It has given me a platform to share my writing, and beyond that it has introduced me to new people, perspectives, and opportunities. Blogging has also made me more aware and critical of what is happening in the world around me because everything is potential blog material!

C: Blogging has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to see things from different angles. Writing with such a talented writer is such a pleasure because we get to bounce ideas off of each other and explore different thought processes.

Do you have any favorite activities besides blogging? Please share! 🙂

S: Writing in general, reading, dancing, playing the piano, baking, and scrapbooking!

C: Reading, writing, running, cooking and playing rugby!

Describe your best childhood moment. Do you miss it?

S: The childhood moments I described in a different answer were family boat trips and trips to the cottage. I don’t miss them only because I know I still make amazing memories now and I made the most of those moments in my childhood!

C: It’s tricky to pick just one moment. My childhood shaped who I am today but no, I don’t miss it.

Our questions:

  1. What languages do you speak?
  2. Name the worst movie you’ve ever seen.
  3. Do you prefer a small or large group of friends?
  4. If you could fix just one of the world’s problems, which one would it be and why?
  5. Why did you start your blog?
  6. What post are you most proud of?
  7. What is your favourite kind of weather?
  8. If you could say something that was heard by the whole world, what would you say?
  9. In your opinion, can money buy happiness?

6 thoughts on “Double Liebster Award!

  1. Great answers to both. I learned a lot about the both of you now. 🙂 I feel like the world is now connected to you guys! hehe I like your Qs so I am going to answer a couple:

    What languages do you speak? >>> Other than English, I can speak ASL but it’s been a while so I am less fluent than when I took it at the university! (Post coming in the summer on it!)

    Do you prefer a small or large group of friends? >>> Small group of friends, they keep it real!

    If you could fix just one of the world’s problems, which one would it be and why? >>>> World hunger and homelessness because no one deserves that

    What post are you most proud of? >>>>>> I am most proud of my Confidence post because I felt like I am expressing to those that don’t have much that they can build it as long as they listen to themselves 🙂

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