Countdown to Summer!


Dear Ceanray,

As I’m sure you know, summer is quickly approaching. Final exams are being studied for, warm weather seems right around the corner, and soon school will take a backseat to life and summer fun for 2 months as students relax and unwind. Personally, I am really looking forward to relaxing this summer. My school year was great – I had cool learning experiences, met new people, laughed a lot, and had tons of fun. Still, I won’t miss having a calendar full of due dates or waking up early to get ready for school.

On certain occasions throughout the year (long weekends spent at my cottage, going on vacation on March Break), I have had “mini-summers” where I could unwind. Whenever I had the chance to do this, I would reflect on how I could make my life at home more like my life on vacation. Usually my answers included things like ‘wear sweatpants’, ‘sleep in’, and ‘read’ – things I don’t do very often when I’m not relaxing.


As much as I try to incorporate the things i do on vacation into my everyday life, many things are exclusive to being on vacation (or being at my cottage). I can’t ride a jetski at home (can you imagine that thing in a pool?) and I can’t sleep in until noon on school days (well technically I could, but it’s probably not a great idea).

These are the things I am looking forward to most about summer; the things that I couldn’t do (and didn’t have time for) during the school year. I am so excited to go on vacations and road trips, to read in my backyard and even to apply liberal amounts of sunscreen before stepping out my front door (and then reapply it every hour).

I am ecstatic to read through the books on my Goodreads lists, to go to the mall and buy summer clothes, and to make the things on my Pinterest boards. My excitement for these things is part of what is keeping me afloat as school winds to an end. What are you looking forward to about summer, and how do you feel about school ending?


Dear Sherina,

Ahh, finally summer is upon us. I’m looking forward to everything from no homework, hitting the gym and starting a new job! After having my nose buried in a textbook for what seems like forever, it’s so nice to finally have a break.

My to-do list for this summer includes a variety of tasks ranging from cleaning out my closet to finishing the Mortal Instruments book series. I also have a few passion projects going on at the moment. I joined a group founded in Canada called “Peace of Mind” which comprises of teenagers from across the province who are devoted to raising awareness and erasing the stigma surrounding mental illness.


This particular cause is very near and dear to my heart. Mental illness in teens is often met with misunderstanding and judgement for those who suffer from it. Where I live, there has been at least half a dozen teen suicides within the past month or so. This needs to change.

I’m so very grateful that not only do we get a chance to relax by the pool and sip lemonade over the summer, we also get the chance to pursue other projects that we don’t have time for during the year.

Here’s to a great summer!


Readers, what are you counting down the days for? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Summer!

  1. I’m looking forward to some time with my grandkids, letting them teach me about their perceptions of the world, and hopefully letting them learn from some skills and knowledge I have picked up in life experiences! Reading and growing my mind and some other life skills and disciplines are part of my hope list, too. And I just might get back to working on my quilt for my best friend! Thanks for the fabulous letters Sherina and Ceanray!

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  2. Hey there! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! Your theme was our former theme! So great choice! 😉 We hope you can continue encouraging people with posts like yours, and hopefully you’ll come back to our blog someday (or invite/recommend someone else!)

    Love, LayersofBeautyTeam xx

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