About the blog:

Sherina and Ceanray are cousins who share a passion for writing and sharing their opinions. Those two passions come together in fabletters, a collection of letters written to each other on issues that are relevant to their lives and the world around them.

About the bloggers:

Living in Canada, Sherina and Ceanray have a lot of time to write (you know, because most of the year there’s too much snow to leave their igloos).

Sherina is an aspiring journalist, and also blogs at www.sherinaspeaks.wordpress.com! When she is not writing, Sherina is an avid DIY-er, candy crush player, and Taylor Swift fan. She is super excited to be part of fabletters, and hopes you enjoy the blog!

Ceanray is deciding between a multitude of possible career options, but in the meantime you can find her at the gym, watching medical dramas, and playing with her fox terrier, Dixie. She wishes she could write more, but reading and procrastinating occupy far too much of her time. Ceanray is also excited to be a part of fabletters!

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  1. Sherina and Ceanray — I’m from your other blog sherinaspeaks and I have to say, I think this concept and idea is really cute. It’s simply a book of letters compiled in a blog. Just dropped in to say you guys are great!


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