Reflecting on Our First Year as the Fabletters

Dear Ceanray,

I still remember this past January when you texted me saying you had an idea. We were always texting about issues of inequality, especially surrounding gender and feminism, and you wanted to take our conversations even further. You explained that you thought the two of us could start a blog, and write letters back and forth.

Although I already had a blog, your idea excited me. I loved the premise of writing to each other about issues and topics we were passionate about, and I loved the idea of putting our writing on the internet for the world to read (or at the very least, our incredibly supportive family members).

Our first hurdle was coming up with a name for our blog. I remember sitting at my desk brainstorming names on a pink sticky note, scouring for adjectives and frustratingly texting you that I had “no idea” what to name our blog. I can’t remember who came up with the title “fabletters”, but I do remember that I instantly loved it and knew it was a perfect name for our blog.

We went on to create The Fabletters, and three days into 2015 on January 3rd we published our first post. I just read that post now, and it’s amazing to see how our writing has grown over the course of the year. Our first letter was about feminism, and an introduction to why we were feminists and how we discovered what the movement was really about. One year later, I still feel as passionate about feminism as I did when I wrote that letter – and, one year later I still love the idea of this blog as much as I did when we started it.

In the span of one year, we took an idea and made it into reality. We created an online space to discuss issues that are important to us. We realized the value of our voices, and found a way to make them heard. Throughout the year, we’ve both been incredibly busy and we haven’t been able to devote as much time to this blog as we both wanted to. However, we still took time to create this blog in the first place and write posts for it: and words can’t describe how proud I am of both of us for this.

Here’s to another amazing year of fabletters!



Dear Sherina,

Thank you for being such a willing participant in my harebrained scheme(s)! Looking back on our first post provided me with an interesting perspective as to have far we have both come in our respective understandings and real-life applications of feminism.

Last year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to make a conscious effort to write more. In some ways, I have succeeded in fulfilling this promise to myself. I have kept a journal since the summer and have contributed to this blog.

I’ve always wanted to keep a diary of sorts, however I have learned is that I must set realistic goals for myself; I may not write every day, but not always is better than never. Although we are not always able to post frequently, I enjoy keeping little notes of ideas for future blog posts  on my cell phone.

The year 2015 has been a turbulent one: the global refugee crisis, the massacres in Kenya, Pakistan and Paris and increased mainstream visibility for trans people, to name a few.

Throughout it all, our goal has been to educate ourselves and think critically about what goes on in the world around us.